About Last Eve?

Is Last Eve a graduate professor of theology? Nope. She is also no ‘scholar’, or ‘expert’, but an unknown widow with the unique innate ability to interpret 4-layer scripture allegory correctly, without teacher, spiritual counsel, leader, or any other miscellaneous affiliation; all done in the spirit of Last Eve. She, nicknamed TheFig1stfruit, answers questions in-depth and detail that many were told by members of the clergy, as well as their other miscellaneous spiritual counsels, are supposedly ‘unanswerable’.

This website is delivered from Odessa TX, the center-most town of the Americas, at the Western gate of touch (practical achievement); “Shushan”, also called, “Susa”: S-USA, in symbolic New Jer-U-S-A-lem (at the same latitude as ‘old’ Jerusalem).

“The ONLY firm stance (man of full stature) during humanity’s animated soul duration of the manger [slavery to hunting (killing for gain), gathering and hoarding] can be achieved with the highest abstract interpretation of scripture allegory (Mount Zion), thus congruence with the mind of God, whereby equating self with a quickening spirit of the Room In The Inn persuasion like Jesus Of Nazareth, who accomplished His transfiguration only two days ago (2 Peter 3:8).” –TheFig1stfruit